The prominent location of 1st and B in front of the Caltrain depot sets the tone for the entire Downtown and presents a unique opportunity for Harvest to work with the City to extend Main Street to the alleyway between the building and Caltrain, creating a sense of place, purpose and arrival.

Through the 1st and B project, Harvest advocates and supports city design guidelines meant to revitalize and enhance the pedestrian experience. The proposed project includes widening existing sidewalks and creating curb extensions and parklets which allow for enhanced landscape and stormwater planting areas. The project would also add a public plaza consisting of seating and gathering areas to enhance vibrancy at the ground plane. Additionally, permanent planters will be seamlessly integrated into the building architecture and upgraded hardscape.

Two images. First is the current site condition - facing South B Street towards Baldwin Ave (8 foot sidewalk). Second image is rendering of proposed site condition - 16 foot sidewalk with curb extension and parklet.
rendering of southwest corner of South B Street and 1st Ave